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Controversy over the song 'Omanathinkal Kidaavo' in the movie Sthree (1950)

There has been a controversy over the song "Omanathinkal Kidaavo" in the movie Sthree. While this song is indeed in the movie, the song in circulation today is not really the song recorded for the movie. We have several experts corroborating this including Mr Rajamani, BA Chidambaranath's son as well as B Vijayakumar.

In addition to Vijayakumar and Rajamani, Special thanks to Samshayalu, Venugopal, Rajagopal and Shakeeb for helping us investigate this further

Mr Vijayakumar adds:

What Rajamani told might be right, Chidambaranath might have composed this famous lullaby penned by Irayimman Thamnbi. This lullaby is included in the film "Sthree". But, the matter in controversy is the rendering of the lullaby by P Leela which is in circulation now through the audio cd/casettes of HMV. I am sure that the song is recorded as a private song, music by Dakshinamoorthy and sung by P Leela. The song is spread on both the sides of the 78 rpm - Columbia record.

I think the song from Stree, for the first time it was released in audio casette/cd format in a five casette pack - Suvarnasmrithi - which was a commemorative album of playback singing in Malayalam cinema. I remember the first song in the album was from Nirmala , "Arabikkadalile..." By Govindarao. And thereafter HMV released the song in some other compilations also.

Iam sure that this song has nothing to do with the film Stree, except that the same lyrics by Iriamman Thampi were sung in that film also. The song from the film Stree is composed in Ragas - Hindolam and Neelambari. According to the song book, the song is sung by the character Mallika, perfomed by the actress Sumathi.
I hope we can reconfirm on the song from Stree, if the version in circulation is identified of the Ragas in which it is rendered,
The song composed by Chidambaranath in Stree, is tuned in Hindolam and Neelambari, Pallavi in Hindolam and the Anupallavi and charanam in Neelambari according the the songs book of the film.  We have to identify the ragas of the song now in circulation, that is sung by Leela.
The controversy has been finally put to rest. Vijayakumar is back with the conclusive proof on Oct 16,2010

Hope the following details will clear the doubts on the famous lullaby from the film "Stree"
When HMV released a compilation - Suvarna Smruthi - in1998 compiling songs from Nirmala to some films of 1990s, commemorating 50 years of Playback singing in Malayalam cinema, a song from the film "Stree" also was included.  HMV might have got this track from the private collection of gramaphone records of some record collector. 
HMV /record collector mistook a non film song by P Leela, music by Dakshinamoorthy (Given as Ambalapuzha Dakshinamoorthy  in the label of the 78 rpm record) to be from the Malayalam film "Sthree".  This confusion was caused because the lyrics being the same, the famous lullaby  written by the legendary Irayimman Thampi.  This mistake would not have been happened if either the HMV officials concerned or the record collector himself who gave the track would have been a bit vigilant.  In the record lable, it is clearly inscribed the name of the composer as Ambalapuzha Dakshinamoorty.  Name of the film is not there in the label, the song being a non film recording.

Provided above is the photo of the label of the 78 rpm record , both sides.  The lullaby is spread on both side of the 78 rpm, as Part I and Part II
Further ,according to the song book of Stree, Chidambaranath has composed this lullaby in Ragas - HIndolam and Neelambari.
Whereas the song that is in discussion, the rendering by  P Leela, it is in Ragas Navros, Punnagavarali and Sindhubhairavi.  Further HMV has given only the first part of the non film song, as  if it is from Stree.  The 2nd part of the song is omitted in the album - Suvarnasmrithi.  The difference in the ragas also confirm that the song that is in discussion is not from the film Stree.  Because the song book cannot go wrong, and the ragas of the rendering of the lullaby included in Stree is different from the song that we listen from the HMV casettes.
It was in the said casette, that the song was heard since decades.  Thd song is not broadcast by any of the stations of AIR, at least since the last 40 years .  And there is stray instance of me missing such song, if ever it is broadcast.  The song is now broadcast by Radio stations, the version released by HMV - the non film song as it is from Stree due to confusion.  Further, from the song book of the film Stree even, it is not clear whether the singer was P Leela.  The name of the singer is not given in the song book, the name of the character that sing is given. ( Ihave not so far heard any song from Stree.  No evidence that the gramaphone records of ths songs from the film were produced)
Hope the confusion will be cleared by the above narrated facts.

If not, please read on

I am sending herewith the inlay card copies of the casettes of HMV in which the mistake related to the song from stree is carried over The song first appeared in the casette Suvarnasmruthi, and is being carried over.
The mistake is repeated in recent releases under the series  - Nostalgia.  In the title related to Chidambaranath , the song is included as his composition In some other albums also the song is included as if it is from Stree

Finally, here is the mp3 version of the "Record Song" composed by Dakshinamoorthy, which is exactly the same as the Omanathinkal kidavo in circulation, purportedly from the movie Sthree.

 As seen in the pattupusthakam above, there is no "Thullum Ilaman" part in the Sthree version, whereas the version below has it.

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